Jodo Seminar 2018 with gradings (1 kyu to 5 dan) – Registrations are open

for seminar and gradings please register HERE

Jodo seminar with CIK gradings from 1st kyu up to 5th dan.

The seminar will be led by a ZNKR delegation composed by

Mitsuo SHIIYA                         Hanshi 8 Dan
Koro  FUJISAKI                       Kyoshi 8 Dan

The senseis will also be supported by the following teachers

René VAN AMERSFOORT                          Kyoshi 8 Dan
Corinne MARIE DIT MOISSON                Kyoshi 7 Dan
Daniel CHABAUD                                          Kyoshi 7 Dan
Karl DENNECKER                                        Renshi 7 Dan

Applications to be made exclusively on-line through our website from 5th to 19th March 2018.

Seminar and gradings details 

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