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Addio a Chris Buxton – Nanadan Kyoshi Iaido e Nanadan Kyoshi Jodo

On November 7th he died in Watford (UK), Christopher Buxton, 7.dan kyoshi from Iaido and 7.dan kyoshi from Jodo of the British Kendo Association.

We remember Chris for his support for the growth of Iaido and Jodo in Italy, being part of the teaching staff of many CIK seminars in both disciplines.
In particular, Chris has been very active in helping the development of the Italian Iaido arbitration sector, with his presence and his advice during the first editions of the Italian Iaido championships.
Until his health allowed him, Chris has always been part of the refereeing group of the Iaido and Jodo European Championships.

On this page of the official BKA website, Jock Hopson remembers Chris.

The CIK sent a condolences telegram to the family.


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